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RR Racing RR780 Supercharger Kit for Lexus RCF/GSF
RR Racing RR780 Supercharger Kit for Lexus RCF, GSF

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We released our supercharger kit for Lexus RCF and GSD after over a year in development and testing, multiple track days, desert testing, and over 10,000 miles of punishment and tuning. Our goal for this kit was to maintain stock drivability and reliability, while creating smooth, seamless, and unrelenting supercar levels of power that these great cars deserve.

RR780 Kit Specifications:

  • Power: For the base "RR780" kit, our customers can expect to make about 670hp at the crank, or 560 to 570whp (wheel horsepower on a Dynojet dyno, SAE correction -- see dyno result chart below and in the product photos gallery) at approximately 6psi peak boost pressure, 93 pump gas, equipped with standard PPE Headers and a high flow dual exhaust. Please note the following bullets for Stage 1 and Stage 2 optional power upgrades (this is our new nomenclature from our original stage 1, 2, 3 and 4).
  • Stage 1 Upgrade: Ethanol kit, you can expect approximately 630whp. This translates into about 750hp at the crank! Stage 1 requires blending about 30% ethanol. In order to accurately blend fuel, we include an ethanol content gauge with this kit. Alternatively, we can achieve similar Stage 1 power output by adding water/methanol injection (instead of ethanol blending).
  • Stage 4 Upgrade: running 100% ethanol for about 700 whp. Includes smaller pulley, Stage 4 tune, ethanol kit, upgraded port injectors and upgraded in-tank fuel pump. This upgrade is also available with a water-methanol kit for about 650 whp.
  • Tuned ECU: We have logged countless development hours perfecting our ECU tune for the RC F for ultimate reliability and drivability. No piggybacks or other BS! We have extensively developed the mapping of the stock ECU, modifying literally hundreds of maps and adding additional functionality to the fueling system that allows us to support up to 570whp without fuel system modifications.
  • Supercharger: Rotrex Supercharger, C38R (the most advanced Rotrex S/C system). Rotrex S/C's are extremely efficient and quiet due to their planetary drive system much like a turbocharger.
  • Dedicated Drive System: Rather than using the accessory belt to drive the SC, we designed a dedicated drive system that allows us to achieve the necessary belt tension for a reliable SC drive, without overstressing the alternator, water pump, and AC bearings.
  • Custom Harmonic Crank Damper: There are some overpriced Japanese S/C's on the market for the ISF/RCF that eliminate the factory harmonic damper crank pulley and replace it with a simple machined aluminum pulley. We find this simply unacceptable! Working in conjunction with ATI Performance, we developed a custom tuned harmonic damper than drives the SC belt. The ATI damper has been specially developed to dampen the harmonics of the 2UR-GSE engine at high horsepower levels for the ultimate in engine reliability.
  • Billet Tensioner System: Most SC kits on the market use OEM belt tensioners, but we took that a step further by developing a billet belt tensioner that is both more reliable and is able to apply significantly higher belt tension than conventional off the shelf tensioners. For added reliability we use Gates Racing Kevlar drive belts and our own double bearing billet idler pulleys.
  • Dual "Big Bubba" Billet Blow Off Valves: We use not one, but TWO Turbosmart "Big Bubba" 2" blow off valves. Adequate venting is essential for SC responsiveness, reliability, and drivability.
  • Custom Air/Air Intercooler: We use a large 4.5"x12"x10" intercooler core. These intercoolers are extremely high quality and are manufactured in the USA by Bell Intercoolers.
  • Genuine Carbon Fiber Intake Tubing: All visible intake tubing is made from genuine twill weave carbon fiber for an amazing look and function!
  • Available for model years 2017-2019 and up for an additional charge. 2019+ with Launch Control Option not currently available.

Please consider the following:

  • We recommend buying a boost gauge. We offer a complete boost gauge kit (also see our Gauges category) as an option with this product.
  • We also recommend buying our Air/Oil Separator (AOS) -- although not required for the supercharger.
  • We may require spark plug upgrade. We recommend our Brisk Silver spark plugs with all our supercharger kits.
  • Model years 2017 and up will require a 2016 ECU exchange for an additional charge.

Please refer to the dyno charts in the photo catalog of this product.

Our F line Supercharger kits explained:

The following video shows our customer driving his RC F "The Red Devil" equipped with the our first prototype supercharger at Watkins Glen race track. Enjoy!

Important Disclaimer:
RR-Racing cannot ensure the applicability of manufacturer's or third-party warranties after performing this modification. Likewise, RR-Racing does not provide any warranty, written or implied, to the engine or drivetrain of your vehicle. We recommend to check the health of your engine before installing this product. Installing this product on a compromised engine, may result in an engine failure.

Additionally, certain features of this product such as removal of check engine light (CEL) triggers, modification of the front bumper, and other features may be illegal for road use. RR-Racing makes this product for vehicles used in racing and off-road purposes only. RR-Racing does not condone the removal of any emissions related device on vehicles used on public roads. RR Racing is not responsible for any accident caused by the use of our products -- our products are intended for off-road use solely at purchaser's risk. By buying this product, you agree to the terms of this disclaimer.

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