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RR Racing Polyurethane Engine Mount Inserts (1993 v6 models)
RR Racing Polyurethane Engine Mount Inserts (1993 v6 models)


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Product Code: PBMNT00001

This is single handedly our most popular Probe/MX6 item since we began selling it in 2002! The stock engine mounts, even when new allow excessive movement of the engine, and lead to "wheel hop," especially when launching the car from a stop. Additionally, excessive engine movement results in poor shifting performance. Our Polyurethane engine mount inserts are designed to significantly reduce engine movement, repair existing mounts that are torn, and prevent mounts from tearing. We highly recommend installing these inserts when replacing a clutch.

(SPECIAL NOTE: For 1993 models, the rear inserts are designed to fit Aftermarket rear engine mounts made by "DEA." Please contact us for additional details).