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RR Racing Lexus IS-F ECU Upgrade OBD Tune
RR Racing Lexus IS-F ECU Upgrade Tune

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RR Racing is proud to make history by being able to offer an OBD device tune for Lexus IS-F engine control unit (ECU) based on our famous ECU upgrade product!

Please note that we now offer the ECU tune in combination with our Tuned Intake and as part of the Performance Upgrade product

The Lexus IS-F ECU is a very complex and sophisticated engine management system. RR Racing has been developing this upgrade tune for many months, intimately understanding IS-F ECU's parameters and structures, testing various changes to optimize power and torque effectively while retaining stock fuel efficiency, knock control sensitivity, and other built in safety features. During the development and testing period, we have logged many track hours and over 2,000 miles of road testing and road-dyno logging with many more hours spent on a sophisticated Dynojet dyno at a top-notch climate controlled facility. Then we tested various OBD units, and only when we were convinced that the device is reliable, we released it as a product.

So as you can see this was not a weekend project for us, where we slapped on IS-F on the dyno, played around a bit for a day or weekend, and and now we are selling a tune. We had done most of our development on the road, under real world conditions, doing hundreds of runs, datalogs, and hundreds of miles of testing between re-maps in order to determine how the ECU reacts to changes and adjust learning parameters. We have developed a full understanding of the following ECU functions/parameters, including but not limited to:

  • Direct Injection / Port Injection fuel mapping
  • Ignition control (ISF has base ignition maps, cam timing dependent ignition maps, knock correction maps)
  • Intake and Exhaust variable cam maps
  • Torque to throttle mapping (allows us to enhance throttle response)
  • Optional rev limit increases to 7200 (for avoiding hitting the rev limiter)
  • EL parameters (e.g., disabling of O2 sensor warning light for off road/racing purposes only)

Our on road impressions are that the IS-F pulls much more smoothly and linearly, with excellent midrange and top-end improvement. This was evidenced in our ignition curve datalogs shown below where a combination of ignition and cam timing adjustments resulted in a much more linear and aggressive ignition curve, free of any detonation or large ignition corrections:

After extensive road dyno and datalogs, we headed over to top-notch climate controlled Dynojet testing facility and conducted many hours of dyno tests.

Please refer to our image gallery for dyno results comparisons. The chart below summarizes some of the gains for typical starting modifications.

Ordering Procedure

  • Please select this product and chose all required options as follows:
    • Model Year: we need to know the model year of your ISF
    • RR Racing Intake: you can chose to buy one of our intake tubes at a discount that not only look good but also add additional hp (for more information, please refer to our Intake category)
    • PPE Headers: you can chose to buy the best headers on the market as part of one package for even more hp gain!
    • Headers: please select Yes if your car has after-market headers
    • Exhaust: please select Yes if your car is equipped with a high-flow exhaust
    • De-catted Manifold: please select Yes if your car's catalytic converters in the exhaust manifolds were removed
    • Stock Aibox: please select Yes if you have a stock intake airbox
    • Intake Tube: please select Yes if you have an after-market intake tube
  • We will ship you the OBD unit.
  • You will have to connect the unit to your OBDII port and read the ECU ID.
  • Then you email us the ECU ID, and we will email back the tune files applicable to your car (please note that we will email several files with different rev limits available.)

If we make any version updates to this tune, we will make any such version updates available to our customer free of charge. With the OBD flashable device, we will email you an updated file.

New Upgrades and Tune Releases
We are continually developing new upgrades to the IS-F, including a new MAF pipe and intake which will require complete custom ECU map in order to realize the full benefits of these modifications. New ECU tune upgrade/releases will be offered at a discount to customers who bought this tune.

Important Disclaimer
RR-Racing cannot ensure the applicability of manufacturer's or third-party warranties after performing this modification. Likewise, RR-Racing does not provide any warranty, written or implied, to the engine or drivetrain of your vehicle. Additionally, certain tuning features, such as removal of check engine light (CEL) triggers may be illegal for road use. RR-Racing provides these ECU tuning services for vehicles used in racing and off-road purposes only. RR-Racing does not condone the removal of any emissions related device on vehicles used on public roads. RR Racing is not responsible for any accident caused by the use of our products and ECU upgrade -- our products are intended for off-road use solely at purchaser's risk. By buying this product, you agree to the terms of this disclaimer.
Please note that with all our testing, the OBD flashing of Lexus's ECU is new. If you encounter problems during or after flashing, you may need to send us your ECU for re-flashing using our equipment.

Other FAQs:

Why do you provide a range of “tuned gains,” not a precise value?
There are many factors that influence dyno results and lead to variability in power measurement. Additionally, your ECU is constantly making changes based on sensor feedback that significantly influence engine output – and this is the case even on a stock ECU. So bottom line is that regardless of the mod you install, actual gains will vary. We make every effort to provide actual, factual, and transparent dyno data for our customers.

Do you recommend aftermarket intakes?
We do not recommend any aftermarket intakes that remove the factory airbox. The only recommended intakes are intakes pipes like our RR-Racing Intake pipe, or equivalent.

Can you work with me or my tuner to improve my tune?
In most cases yes. If you plan on taking your car to the dyno, please contact us ahead of time in order to discuss the type of datalog data we need in order to fine tune your ECU, should it be required. In most cases, custom tune fees will range from $200-$300.

What about that Supercharger Kit you guys are working on?
We expect to release a supercharger kit for the Lexus ISF in Spring 2016. At this time, and until further notice, we are offering all of our customers who purchase the tune now FULL CREDIT towards the supercharger system through the spring/summer, should they choose to upgrade during that time.

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