RR Racing News

January 25, 2016: RR Racing is First to Introduce ECU Tune for Lexus IS-F!

RR Racing is making history by being the first to offer an upgraded tune for Lexus IS-F engine control unit (ECU). The Lexus IS-F ECU is a very complex and sophisticated engine management system. RR Racing has been developing this upgrade tune for many months, intimately understanding IS-F ECU's parameters and structures, testing various changes to optimize power and torque effectively while retaining stock fuel efficiency, knock control sensitivity, and other built in safety features. During the development and testing period, we have logged many track hours and over 2,000 miles of road testing and road-dyno logging with many more hours spent on a sophisticated Dynojet dyno at a top-notch climate controlled facility.

November 7, 2015: RR Racing Introduced Penske Suspension for the RCF/RC350!

We are very proud to announce introduction of a new Penske suspension for the RCF/RC350. This suspension exceeded all our expectations -- it completely transforms the handling of the car! We tested the suspension on windy and bumpy Pennsylvania roads and both the handling and comfort are unbelievable. Lexus RCF transforms into a true super sports car. Of course, the addition of our Ultimate Steering Response System (USRS) transforms its steering feel and response as well. Please visit our RCF/RC350 catalog to check out these and other great products.

Rafi redesigned the rear suspension to convert the coil-on-arm design to true coilover shock for more linear spring rates and improved at the limit balance. Rear coilover shocks also allow us to use much higher spring rates than stock or any other RCF suspension on the market. High spring rates are critical to controlling the weight transfer on the RCF.

Please stay tuned for track testing of the RCF with Penske next weekend.

Front Penske coilover assembly

Rear Penske re-designed suspension assembly

October 26, 2015: Phil Grabow, Element Tuning #71, Takes The Gold!

What a great end to the 2015 season -- Element Tuning Phil Grabow #71wins the 2015 Whelen USTT National Champion with RR Racing front and rear competition brake systems. We put tremendous resources into proving our products at the track and we are proud to be part of Element Tuning success this year. Once again, we are true to our motto "Track Tested, Track Proven!"

September 30, 2015: The Number of Racers Endorsing RR Racing Brake Systems is Growing!

Andy Moench is the fourth race car driver that strongly endorsed RR Racing brake systems for the GT86. Andy bought our Stage IV front and rear brake system and after completing a three day racing event in Utah expressed his satisfaction on FT86 club pages as well as his Facebook page. He joined a growing number of serious racers who installed and endorsed our products including Phil Grabow (champion driver of Elements Tuning Time Attack FR-S -- see new article below), Neal Wiebmer #65 of Club 86, and Gear One SCCA team. You can read their reviews in more detail on our Testimonials page .

September 12, 2015: RR Racing's Track Event at New Jersey Motorsports Park

RR Racing hosted our first track event at NJMP in cooperation with Hooked on Driving (HOD) club. The event included track sessions for beginners through advanced drivers. Drivers had an opportunity to attend HOD driving school and drive with instructors. RR Racing raffled various prizes. Everyone had lots of fun even when we got a little rain -- driving in the rain was quite an experience. You can also check the event photo album on our Google+ page: NJMP Track Event Photo Album. We are planning to hosts many more such events in the future.

July 25, 2015: RR Racing Introduces Exciting New Exhaust Systems for Lexus IS-F

RR Racing already stocks complete Borla exhaust systems for Lexus IS-F. These systems have a nice refined deep sound without drone. They use the stock IS-F exhaust tips. We are introducing the following Borla upgrades:

  • RR Racing Quad Tip Upgrade for Borla -- dual Magnaflow wide open mufflers with quad 3.5” exhaust tips, slightly louder and deeper than standard Borla.
  • RR Racing Quad Tip Bazooka Upgrade for Borla -- retains large Borla resonator and replaces mufflers with dual muffler-less quad tips, loud system above 2500rpm, but tolerable below, with very aggressive and intoxicating exotic sound).

July 15, 2015: RR Racing Successfully Tested New Products at NJMP

RR Racing successfully tested the following new products for Lexus IS-F in this track session at NJMP: RR Racing Penske Shocks, RR Racing Oil Cooler, and RR Racing Quad Tip Bazooka Exhaust Upgrade for Borla. The short video clip of the track session shows how RR Racing IS-F performs against a track Ferrari F430, Racing M3, and Lotus Elise with full race setup driven by an instructor. RR Racing IS-F fast track times are a testimony for the quality of the new RR Racing Penske suspension and our Oil Cooler. The Bazooka sounded great even compared to the classic Ferrari engine sound on the track!

June 29, 2015: Another Race Car Driver Endorses RR Racing Brake Systems!

Neal Wiebmer, Club 86 race car driver, installed RR Racing State II front and Competition rear brake kits and after testing on the track made the following statement: "Saturday, I was running the first session, right at 8am. I hopped on the track and after one lap had the brakes [stage II competition front and rear brake kit] bedded perfectly. The stopping power was AMAZING. I am used to running pads with a bit more of an initial bite, but after getting used to these pads, I felt very confident with them. Consistency was great, I never went into a braking zone having to guess/hope I had enough brake. It was well over 100 degrees all day and the brakes stayed absolutely consistent the whole time, my tires however, did not."

June 28, 2015: RR Racing Sponsored Our First FT86 Club Meeting

RR Racing sponsored our first FT86 meeting in New Hope Pennsylvania. The FT86 meeting organizer led us on a terrific drive through the back roads between New Hope and Easton and then back on the New Jersey side. The windy roads suited well the agile FR-Ss and BRZs at the meeting. Everyone had a great time with the exception of when a park ranger (who apparently was irritated by 10 sports cars zooming in front of him) threatened to give a ticket to one of the participants. At the end we were able to avoid the ticket and all ended well. After the fun drive members were interested to learn about RR Racing new brake systems for the BRZ/FR-S. We capped the day in the local brewery where RR Racing bought everyone beer and appetizers. We are looking for more fun meets in the near future!

May 13, 2015: RR Racing Sponsors Club Lexus Northeast Mega Meet

RR Racing sponsored a meeting of Club Lexus members in Baltimore. There were about 30 IS-Fs and two RC-F. We showed our latest products, and our chief engineer, Rafi Raban, explained the technical features of each product. Club members expressed excitement and enthusiasm for so many new products for the IS-F, IS 250/350, and GS models. We also had a drawing of an Air/Oil Separator. It was great meeting members face-to-face and hear directly their product preferences and needs. We are hopping to be able to sponsor an even larger club meeting later this year that will be great fun for members and their families. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Google+ pages as well our announcements on the Lexus Forum!

May 2, 2015: Phil Grabow, Element Tuning Time Attack #71, Endorses RR Racing Competition Brake System

RR Racing designed braking system for Element Tuning Time Attack FR-S race car. The system was designed to resolve braking problems Phil had with the OEM system. We initially tested the system during our VIR session earlier this year. After additional testing and several races this season, Phil was very happy with system's performance.

"RR-Racing stepped up to the plate to design braking system that addresses the weakness of the factory imbalance in brake force distribution. Not only do we have much improved braking balance, I have never run a more powerful braking package on any race car I've driven!" - Phil Grabow #71 Element Tuning

We offer this system as our Competition Stage IV Big Brake Kit for BRZ/FR-S. We also developed three other braking systems (Stage I through III) based on this design to fit different performance requirement and price points. Please visit our Brake System catalog for more information.

May, 2015: Track Testing at New Jersey Motorsports Park, Thunderbolt Raceway

In May, we continued to push our Lexus IS-F to the limit testing new products and designs. Our new oil cooler reduced oil temperatures and allowed us to stay on the track longer, but also resulted in us reaching too high a transmission temperature. This is a minor issue we plan to address for our next track session. Our new suspension, lower control arm bushings, air/oil separator performed flawlessly, and we will continue to push the limits developing new products and proving the design at the track.

April, 2015: Track Testing at New Jersey Motorsports Park, Lightening Raceway

Another great opportunity to push our new products to the limit. This time we took our Lexus IS-F back to the track equiped with our “top secret” RR-Racing double adjustable coilovers, new redesigned lower control arm bushing, and redesigned Air/Oil Seperator. The new coilovers and lower control arm bushings were amazing as the ride to the track was more compliant than stock, but once we hit the track and dialed up the damping, the improvement in turn-in response and at the limit behavior of the car was significant. We conducted all our initial testing with the traction/stability control turned off. This ensured that we were tuning the suspension to achieve an inherent balanced behavior, without interference from the on-board electronic aids. Achieving balance and predictability without traction/stability engages ensures that once the electronic aids are turned on, their interference is minimal – and less interference equals better lap times!

February, 2015: Winterfest Test Session at Virginia International Raceway

Throughout the fall of 2014 through winter of this year we have been busy designing and testing numerous new products for our Lexus and BRZ/FR-S lineup. It is part of our design approach that nothing we make leaves our shop before it has been thoroughly track tested. So with a mid-winter break in the weather, we were able to schedule track testing at VIR… in February! Our trek down to Virginia began with a stop over at Element Tuning’s shop in Maryland in order to install our brand new BRZ/FR-S Competition Kit on the Element Tuning Time Attack FRS. We heard about Phil’s braking issues throughout the 2014 season and were pleased to team up with Element Tuning and produced a special Competition “Stage IV” brake package that will complement the massive grip of 325 section Hoosier slicks and 1000lbs of rear down-force!

We also brought the RR Racing Lexus IS-F for a track shakedown in order to test our new Competition 2-piece floating rotors, 4 piston rear caliper upgrade, Intake, and Air/Oil Separator system. VIR proved to be an awesome venue for brake testing as we hit 130+mph on the front straight and 150mph on the back straight. We also learned a few valuable lessons that prompted a redesign of our Air/Oil Separator system. One other characteristic we would like to improve in the IS-F is the straign line stability under braking, and the turn in response. The likely culprit here is the soft lower control arm bushing. Unfortunately, no current aftermarket offerings solve the significant dynamic toe changes inherent in the IS-F’s front suspension…. We intend to solve that problem soon, so stay tuned!