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RR Racing Oxygen Sensor Conditioner for Lexus GS
RR Racing Oxygen Sensor Conditioner for Lexus GS

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Product Code: O2SS000023


Using our 02 conditioner, you can keep your check engine light (CEL) from activating. The 02 simulator may also be used with high flow secondary catalytic converters. High flow secondary cats keep your exhaust from smelling, but they will trigger a CEL because they are not as efficient (or restrictive) as factory catalytic converters. Our 02 conditioner is a dual channel model, and works with both secondary 02 sensors. Full wiring and adjustment instructions included.

Please note that removal of any factory catalytic converters is recommended for off road use only.

Warning: Please check your local applicable laws, as removal or tampering with your cars emission/exhaust system may be illegal in some states. This product was designed for racing/track applications.

Fit and Compatibility:
Fits Lexus GS 350 2012-2013