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RR Racing RR430 Supercharger Kit for Lexus 3XX RWD
RR Racing RR430 Supercharger Kit for Lexus IS350, IS300, GS350, RC300, RC350

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Another exciting product from RR Racing! After almost a year of development and six months and over 8000 miles of punishing road and track tuning and testing, we are finally releasing our 3XX Supercharger kit for Lexus IS350/300. Our goal for our Stage I kit was to match the power to weight ratio of the top-of-the range Lexus RC-F, while creating reliable, smooth and seamless levels of power that elevate the IS300/350 into a completely different league of performance.

RR430 Stage I Kit Specifications:

  • Power: For the base "Stage I" kit, our customers can expect to make about 430 crank hp, or 360-366whp (wheel horsepower on a Dynojet dyno, SAE correction) at approximately 6.5psi peak boost pressure, 93 pump gas, equipped with standard PPE headers and a standard 2.5” dual exhaust. Please also refer to the Dyno chart below and in the photo gallery for this product.
  • Tuned ECU: We have logged countless development hours perfecting our ECU tune for the IS350 for ultimate reliability and drivability.
  • Supplementary External Fuel computer:User tunable fuel control can be adjusted in real time. In the future this computer even allows us the option to increase injector size, and add true flex fuel control for e85 applications, something that is currently under development.
  • Supercharger:Rotrex Supercharger, c38-91 (largest Rotrex SC). Rotrex SC's are extremely efficient and quiet due to their planetary drive system which spins up to 90,000 rpm, much like a turbocharger. The c38-91 will support up to 500+whp, depending on future staged upgrades we offer. No need to every upgrade your SC to make more power!
  • Dry Sump SC oiling system with Oil Cooler: Our system comes with an autonomous dry sump oiling system and oil cooler, so our system does not require plumbing oil lines to the engine, or adding any additional heat input to the engine’s cooling system.
  • Dedicated Drive System: Our system comes with an autonomous dry sump oiling system and oil cooler, so our system does not require plumbing oil lines to the engine, or adding any additional heat input to the engine’s cooling system.
  • Dedicated Drive System:Rather than using the accessory belt to drive the SC, we designed a dedicated drive system that allows us to achieve the necessary belt tension for a reliable SC drive, without overstressing the alternator, water pump, and AC bearings.
  • Automatic Tensioner System:No need to constantly adjust or tighten the SC belt, our automatic tensioner will maintain proper tension for the life of the belt.
  • High Quality Turbosmart "Big Bubba" billet blow off Valve:Adequate venting is essential for SC responsiveness, reliability, and drivability, so rather than use a cheap plastic or miniature BOV, we went the extra mile and use a premium BOV.
  • Custom Air/Air Intercooler: We use a large intercooler core, and manufacture our intercoolers in-house. These intercoolers are extremely high quality, and are capable of supporting up to 500+whp, so there is no need to ever upgrade!
  • Quality and Warranty:As all our other products, this kit enjoys our well known stringent quality standards for product development, manufacturing and service backed by 2-3 years Rotrex Warranty on SC, plus 1 year warranty on all other components supplied with your kit.

Model Specific Release Schedule:
  • 2014+ IS300/350 RWD – available now
  • 2014+ IS300/350 AWD – available now
  • 2013+ GS350 AWD – available now
  • 2015+ RC300/350 RWD – available now
  • 2015+ RC300/350 AWD – available now
  • 2006-2013 models (2nd gen) – anticipate release February 2018

Important Disclaimer:
RR-Racing cannot ensure the applicability of manufacturer's or third-party warranties after performing this modification. Likewise, RR-Racing does not provide any warranty, written or implied, to the engine or drivetrain of your vehicle. We recommend to check the health of your engine before installing this product. Installing this product on a compromised engine, may result in an engine failure.

Additionally, certain features of this product such as removal of check engine light (CEL) triggers, modification of the front bumper, and other features may be illegal for road use. RR-Racing makes this product for vehicles used in racing and off-road purposes only. RR-Racing does not condone the removal of any emissions related device on vehicles used on public roads. RR Racing is not responsible for any accident caused by the use of our products -- our products are intended for off-road use solely at purchaser's risk. By buying this product, you agree to the terms of this disclaimer.

Please note that with all our testing, the OBD flashing of Lexus's ECU is new. If you encounter problems during or after flashing, you may need to send us your ECU for re-flashing using our equipment.

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