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RR Racing Lithium Light Weight Race Battery for Lexus IS-F
RR Racing Lithium Ion Light Weight Race Battery for Lexus IS-F

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Weight savings is the key to extracting the most performance from your Lexus, especially when it comes to cornering, acceleration, and braking. For most Lexus models, the OEM battery weights a whopping 42lbs! Up until recently, the only option to save weight was to use a lightweight 10lb AGM lead-acid race battery. Problem is, they have very poor cycle life and most of these batteries last about six months under normal operating conditions.

This product fits all IS350/300 2014 and newer models as well!

Enter the new Lithium battery technology. At just 4.9lbs, this battery is rated at 16Ah reserve capacity and 840 cranking amps, all while saving about 37lbs of weight off the front of your vehicle! Our kit includes terminals, custom battery box/bracket for plug and play installation.
An exclusive feature includes an LED battery fault light indicator on the battery itself plus it can be programed into your EFIS or wired to your dash with a simple 12V LED light that alerts you to the state of charge and state of health of the battery.
The battery management system protects the cells from over discharge, over charge, short circuit, excessive cranking and cell balancing technology PLUS this is redundant for another layer of protection. The lithium battery we use meets the requirements set forth from numerous airplane engine suppliers, including Rotax engines, ULS Power Engines, Viking Engines, and Continental engines plus these aircraft batteries are used in many aircraft manufacturer straight from the factory. So you know that if these batteries can be trusted on an airplane, you can trust them to power your car!

Please note: We recommend using a lithium specific charger for maintaining batteries for cars that are stored for more than a few days at a time. Lithium batteries require lithium-specific chargers. We highly recommend to buy the optional charger we sell with this product. Please refer to installation instructions for proper maintenance and charging of this battery.