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RR Racing Lexus IS250 OBD ECU Upgrade Tune
RR Racing Lexus IS250 ECU Upgrade Tune

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Product Code: IS250TNE002

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This tune is for the following models with 4GR-FSE 2.5L v6 engine: IS250 2006+ models.

RR Racing is proud to release another Lexus tune! As with other Lexus models, the IS250 ECU is a very complex and sophisticated engine management system. As always, we have worked very hard over a course of many months on developing this tune using our IS250 6 speed shop car. We developed both on the dyno AND on the road. We have thoroughly tested various changes in order to optimize power and torque effectively while retaining stock fuel efficiency, knock control sensitivity, and other built in safety features.

We admit that we were surprised at the power gain we were able to extra from this car! As you can see from the Dyno chart below (and in the photo catalog), we were able to gain a whooping 20 wheel hp just from the tune!

As with all of our tunes, this was not a weekend project for us, where we slapped a Lexus on the dyno, played around a bit for a day or weekend, and and now we are selling a tune. We had done most of our development on the road, under real world conditions, doing hundreds of runs, datalogs, and hundreds of miles of testing between re-maps in order to determine how the ECU reacts to changes and adjust learning parameters. In addition we use our sophisticated in-house AWD DynoJet 424x LINX to fine tune our calibrations. Our ECU tune enhances the following ECU functions/parameters, including but not limited to:

  • Direct Injection fuel mapping
  • Ignition control
  • Variable cam maps
  • Torque to throttle mapping (allows us to enhance throttle response)
  • Rev limit increase to 7200 RPM (helps the power curve)
  • We raised the shift points to higher rev limits in Sport and Sport+ modes (rev limit can only be reached in manual shifting with traction control off)
  • Raised the speed limit to maximum allowed by the ECU of 160 mph

Ordering Procedure

  • Please select this product and chose options.
  • We will ship you the OBD unit.
  • You will have to connect the unit to your OBDII port and read the ECU ID (you will need a Windows computer).
  • Then you email us the ECU ID, and we will email back the tune files (one for each of the optional rev limits) applicable to your car.
  • The car needs to have the latest Lexus re-programming recall implemented by the Lexus dealer.
We recommend to read our technical tuning blog for more useful information about tuning.

If we make any version updates to this tune, we will make any such version updates available to our customer free of charge.

Important Disclaimer
RR-Racing cannot ensure the applicability of manufacturer's or third-party warranties after performing this modification. Likewise, RR-Racing does not provide any warranty, written or implied, to the engine or drivetrain of your vehicle.

RR Racing is not responsible for any accident caused by the use of our products and ECU upgrade -- our products are intended for off-road use solely at purchaser's risk. By buying this product, you agree to the terms of this disclaimer.

The tuning device that we ship is easy to use and it comes with step-by-step instructions. There is a need for a Windows based computer to download and upload files from the device. Basic ability to use personal computers is required.

RR Racing cannot guarantee to be able to tune certain non-US vehicles. If we cannot tune a non-US vehicle, we will refund the cost of the tune upon return of the tuning device. Shipping cost is the risk of the customer and is not refundable.

Other FAQs:

Why do you provide a range of “tuned gains,” not a precise value?
There are many factors that influence dyno results and lead to variability in power measurement. Additionally, your ECU is constantly making changes based on sensor feedback that significantly influence engine output – and this is the case even on a stock ECU. So bottom line is that regardless of the mod you install, actual gains will vary. We make every effort to provide actual, factual, and transparent dyno data for our customers.

Do you recommend aftermarket intakes?
At this time, we do not recommend any aftermarket intakes that remove the factory airbox.

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