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Short Throw Shifter Installation Instructions:

Installation of your Short throw shifter will take about 40 minutes to an hour.  You will need the following tools before you begin:

(1) Snap ring plyers, available at any auto store.  This is a very helpful tool and will make your life much easier when doing the installation.

(2) 13mm socket wrench

(3) Thick grease, preferably CV axle grease or Lithium grease.

(4) jack and jack stands.


Installation Instructions:

(1) Begin by removing the shift knob and the center console, the console can simply be pulled off, it is attached with clips.  You will notice a rubber boot at the base of the shifter, remove it.

(2) You will now notice the snap ring that need to be removed using your snap ring removal tool.

IMPORTANT:  Once you have removed the snap ring, there are several pieces that retain the shifter in place, pay careful attention to how these are inserted, as you will have to reinstall them once the new shifter is in place.

(3) You can now jack the car, making sure to work with jack stands, do not work underneath the car with just the jack in place!  Begin by unscrewing nut and removing the through-bolt that holds the shifter to the shift selector rod. It may help to place the shifter in 4th gear, you may also need to use some extensions in order not to have to unbolt the catalytic converter.

(4) Remove the stock shifter, slowly, in order not to tear the lower boot that seals the shifter from underneath the car.

(5) Liberally grease the shifter pivot ball and insert into the stock black plastic housing, then insert shifter and retaining rings, including the snap ring in the same order as the OEM shifter.

(5) From underneath the car, use the two washers provided, as shown below, then insert and tighten the throughbolt.  It may help to use some of that thick grease or removable scotch tape to tack the washers in place while you position the shift selector rod and insert the throughbolt.  It is important not to OVERTIGHTEN the throughbolt, as this will lead to very notchy shifting.  The shifter should have a little side to side play.  Before you lower the car, make sure the shifting is smooth.



If you purchased an Ultimate STS with the "Shift stabilizer bushing,"  Please note that this bushing DOES NOT attach to the shifter, it is attached to the transmission where the shift stabilizer rod bolts to the transmission, as per the picture below:


Do it yourself Clutch Installation:

Many of us, when faced with the prospect of paying $350 - $500 for a clutch installation, opt to do it ourselves.  Let's face it, most mechanics are morons and will mess something up anyway (or blame any problems on your "aftermarket performance parts"). 

If you have a mechanical inclination and the necessary tools (and also a shop manual) you may want to try installing your own clutch.  Here are some tips I have found useful:

1.  Make sure your engine is well supported from above and below.  Remember you will have to remove or release the front, rear, lower, and dr. side engine mounts.  If the engine moves it will be difficult to remove and re-install the tranny.

2. You will need two new input shaft seals.  If you don't replace these you will have tranny leaks.

3. You do not have to remove the Passenger Side half shaft, don't touch it.

4. The easiest way of removing the drivers side half shaft is by removing the two lower suspension A-arm bolts, then prying the shaft away from the tranny using a pry bar.  Releasing the A-arm bolts allows you to pull back the axle and hub assembly without removing the axle/CV-joint from the hub (a major pain in the ass).

5. You do not have to completely remove the tranny.  First make sure your tranny is well supported from underneath the car.  Then remove all the tranny to engine bolts.  Then simply pry the tranny from the engine until you have about a 6-7 inch gap.  This will give you enough space to replace the flywheel clutch assembly.


Good luck!


Engine Mount Insert Installation Instructions:

Engine mount inserts come in four parts.  The two rear inserts are identical have a single "prong" protruding from them.  These "prongs" insert into the voids of the stock rear mount.  Please note that the rear inserts will not fit automatic equiped vehicles, or 1993 model year vehicles.  For 1993 model vehicles we recommend purchasing new rear mounts for 1994-1997 model year cars, then using the inserts in conjuction with the new rear mounts to stiffen them and increase longevity.

Front mounts have two "prongs" protruding from them.  They each have a unique part number stamped on them.  One side is labeled "1118" while the other side is labeled "1119".  The elongated holes near the outside perimeter of the front mounts should correspond to the rubber protrusions on the stock front mount.

Leather Shift Boot Installation Instructions:

Your new leather shift boot is custom tailored to fit the 93-97 Ford Probe GT.

  •  Begin by removing the shift knob and the center panel.  Once the center panel is removed, use a phillips screw driver to remove the four screws attaching the shift boot base to the center console. 

  • Once the shift boot is removed, detach the plastic shift boot base from the stock shift boot.  Also detach the upper plastic washer (towards the shift know) from the stock shift boot. 

  • Thoroughly clean the sticky black adhesive from both plastic pieces.

  • Apply a rubber cement or similar adhesive to the shift boot base and washer (must be removed from original shifter boot) and install in new leather shift boot, making sure to keep hands clean not the mark your new leather shift boot.   Don't forget to remove the white nylon washer from the stock shift boot and glue it to the new shift boot.  

  • Install the shift boot and screw in the shift knob until it firmly presses the shift boot washer for a seamless transition between the boot and your shift knob.





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