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In stock applications:

NEW:  About Clutchmasters Flywheels vs. Competition:

  1. Made in USA, not in CHINA!!!

  2. Higher quality then the competition, tighter tolerances.

  3. Heat treated friction surface, not cheap rolled steel plate as used by other brand. 

  4. Heat treated friction surface results in better durability and less clutch chatter.

  5. Mazda SPEED World Challenge race cars run on Clutchmasters Flywheels, not Fidanza.


  • Mazda 2.0L 4 cylinder (Ford Probe / MX6 / 626 / Protege)

  • Mazda 2.5L 24v V6 (Ford Probe / MX6 / 626)

What Will An Aluminum Flywheel Do For Me?

For your dollar an aluminum flywheel is the best performance increase you can make to your street or race car.

Using a lightweight, aluminum flywheel is a race proven way to improve the performance of any street or race car. Aluminum flywheels have been used for many years by the world's most elite cars to improve both useable horsepower and extend engine life.

An aluminum flywheel is much lighter than obsolete and heavy factory flywheels. Standard flywheels on most vehicles weight about 23lbs!.  The Fidanza aluminum flywheel, for most performance applications, weighs just 9lbs!!!  That is a typical savings of 13lbs of rotating weight spinning at crank rpms (higher then wheel rpm).

A lighter flywheel means less rotating mass. What does that mean for you? It means more useable horsepower - MUCH MORE!  Below is a graph indicating for equivalent weight savings.  In first gear, installing an aluminum flywheel on your car is like removing 226 lbs of weight from your car (calculation below is based on gear ratio and stock vs. Fidanza flywheel weight for 2.5L Probe GT, but will be very similar for Protege and other models)!!!  Even in second gear, weight savings is 70lbs!  That's equivalent to removing both of your front seats!  In order to calculate the equivalent weight of a flywheel:

Equivalent weight = 0.5*(flywheel weight)*[(flywheel radius*gear ratio*final drive ratio)/(tire radius)]^2

The Fidanza facility boasts one of the world's most modern dynomometers. Engineers have tested and retested their aluminum flywheels to help your car get more horsepower back to the wheels where it belongs.

Engine life is also increased by using a Fidanza Flywheel. Since our flywheel is so much lighter there is much less stress on the main bearings.

Lastly, there is no need to resurface the flywheel.  Simply replace the bolt-on steel friction surface!


Click here for ordering info and special Clutch/Flywheel Combo Prices!)




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