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When nothing but the best clutch will do, look no further then Clutchmasters.  Clutchmasters clutches are available in various "Stages" depending on your application.  They are also available in combination with our awesome Billet Aluminum Flywheels for all 93 - 97 Ford Probe GT and Mazda MX6 & 626, 99-2005 Mazda 2.0L (all Protege, MP3, MPS, and Mazda 3) applications.  And as always, RR-racing prices are guaranteed to be the best!

Clutch and Flywheel Ordering Info**:

**Please Note:  All Clutchmasters clutch kits come complete with the following:

  • Pressure plate

  • Disk

  • Throwout/Release bearing

  • Pilot Bearing

  • Alignment Tool

  • Clutchmasters Decal Set

Clutch & Flywheel Applications for Mazda 2.5L v6 (read through the options carefully, and save lots of $$ on our combo specials)

We are now shipping Genuine Clutchmasters Flywheels (made in USA!)

  Stage 0 "R" v6 Stage I v6 Stage II "R" v6 Stage III v6


$230 plus $25 shipping

$280 plus $25 shipping

$310 plus $25 shipping

$390 plus $25 shipping

CLUTCH + Front & Rear Poly Engine Mount Inserts

$265 plus $25 shipping

$315 plus $25 shipping

$345 plus $25 shipping

$420 plus $25 shipping

CLUTCH +  Flywheel

$520 plus $36 shipping

$575 plus $36 shipping

$600 plus $36 shipping

$670 plus $36 shipping

CLUTCH +  Flywheel + Engine mount insert set

$555 plus $36 shipping

$605 plus $36 shipping

$635 plus $36 shipping

$695 plus $36 shipping

Stainless Steel Clutch Line

$30 + $5 shipping


Clutchmasters Billet Aluminum flywheel   v6


$330 + $25 shipping (msrp $439)

 Replacement Friction Surface

(NOT needed with new flywheel purchase)

$60 + $8 shipping


Clutch and Flywheel for Mazda 2.0L engine applications (MX6, 626, Probe, Protege 2.0/MP3)nd Probe SE Transmission related Parts for 2.0L 4 cylinder 

  Stage I 2.0L Stage II "R" 2.0L Stage III 2.0L


$255 plus $20 shipping

(msrp $323.00)

$290 plus $20 shipping

(msrp $370.00)

$410 plus $20 shipping

(msrp $500)

CLUTCH + Front & Rear Poly Engine Mount Inserts

(mounts for 2.0L Protege, MP3, P5 only)

$285 plus $20 shipping

(msrp $373.00)

$320 plus $20 shipping   (msrp $425)

$440 plus $20 shipping

(msrp $555)


$545 plus $36 shipping

(msrp $708)

$580 plus $36 shipping   (msrp $854)

$700 plus $36 shipping

(msrp $939)

CLUTCH + FIDANZA Flywheel + Engine mount insert set

(mounts for 2.0L  Protege, MP3, P5 only)

$575 plus $36 shipping

(msrp $763)

$610 plus $36 shipping     (msrp $904)

$730 plus $36 shipping      (msrp $989)

Stainless Steel Clutch Line

$30 + $5 shipping


Fidanza Billet Flywheel 2.0L 

4 cylinder

$220 + $20 shipping (msrp $439)

Fidanza Replacement Friction Surface

(NOT needed with new flywheel purchase)

$60 + $8 shipping

89-92 Mazda MX6 GT / Probe GT Transmission related Parts for 2.2L turbo 4 cylinder 





Clutchmasters STAGE I

2.2L turbo Probe/MX6


SAVE  $70

$310 plus $20 shipping

(msrp $380.59)


Clutchmasters STAGE III

2.2L turbo Probe/MX6


SAVE  $135

$450 plus $20 shipping

(msrp $585.18)

Fidanza Billet Aluminum Flywheel 

2.2L turbo


$300 plus $20 shipping

(msrp $479.00)


Which clutch do I need, STAGE 0, I, II, Or III?

It depends what you do.  When the RR-Racing PGT used to put out 235 wheel horsepower we still used a STAGE I clutch.  It engages smoothly and is easy on the tranny which is very important given high horsepower levels.  The only downside is that a STAGE I will wear out relatively quickly at very high horsepower levels for those who do *lots* of drag racing.  A better choice for those running an SC, turbo, or lots of NOS is the STAGE III, which has higher torque holding capacity than STAGE I, retains the easy engagement, yet because of the Kevlar disk will way outlast the STAGE I CM (or ACT II) in drag racing applications.  We do not sell STAGE II as it does not have the "segmented" kevlar construction (its a full-face kevlar disk) and actually has a slightly lower torque rating than the STAGE I.  That's why we have worked with Clutchmasters in developing the RR-racing exclusive Stage II "R", giving intermediate torque holding capacity to the Stage I and Stage III.

Stage 0 is an excellent replacement clutch for those who are running just bolt on's on a stock KL-03, with no plans for nitrous/turbo/supercharging and no drag racing.

Recommended Torque Capacity Chart for 2.5L v6 clutch applications:

Clutch Recommended max torque rating
Clutchmasters Stage O "R" 200 lb-ft of torque
Clutchmasters Stage I 220 lb-ft of torque
Clutchmasters Stage II "R" 240 lb-ft of torque
Clutchmasters Stage III 270 lb-ft of torque



How do Clutch Masters clutches compare to the ACT clutches?

Both the ACT II and Clutch Masters STAGE I have equal torque holding capability.  The ACT II has been popular with probe owners in the past because ACT was willing to do bulk buys to give the appearance of offering a low price.  In reality, RR-Racing sells the Stage I CM for less than the ACT bulk buy, and we feel the CM clutch is *better*!  Both ACT II and CM I utilize a modified 40% stiffer pressure plate and organic disk.  However, two factors make the Clutchmasters kit better then ACT.  First, the Clutchmasters pressure plate, while achieving the same plate load as the ACT, has a much lighter pedal.  Light pedal load is important because it transfers less force to the crank thrust bearings -- hard clutches put excess load on the crank (and your foot).  A secondary factor that makes the Clutchmasters clutch better than the ACT is the disk construction.  Below is a picture taken of the back of the Clutch Masters disk (left) and the ACT/stock disk (right) once it has been separated from the disk assembly.  As you can see, the Clutch Masters disk on the left has a steel backing.  The metal backing provides for a more durable friction surface that actually serves to pull heat away from the surfaces (metal is a very good conductor) -- and that's what makes the Clutch Masters BETTER.

Clutch Masters disk (left)     OEM/ACT (right)

 The STAGE III Clutch Masters clutch is equivalent in holding capacity to a 6 puck ACT clutch, BUT, because of the segmented Kevlar construction it retains easy engagement and will not break your transmission.  The Clutchmasters Stage III Kevlar clutch is simply the best clutch money can buy.

So How does Clutchmasters compare to the other competition?

Well, bottom line is that Clutchmasters is simply the best clutch you can buy.  BUT, we don't just say that, we back it up with facts and technical details... and lots of satisfied customers.  Over the past several months a little known clutch company called South Bend has popped up, bolding claiming their clutch is the "same as" the venerable Clutchmasters Stage III.  This is a blatantly false and misleading sales pitch.  So we went out and actually purchased their clutch and put it to the test....  read on.

Click here for Clutchmasters vs. South Bend pressure plate testing.


Stainless Steel Clutch line Information

Continuing the tradition of bringing racing products we use on the PGT project car to our customers, RR-Racing is introducing the first ever stainless steel clutch line for 2.5 v6 applications.  

$35 + $5 shipping 

Why do I need a Stainless Steel Clutch line?

Do you have a high performance clutch?  Do you race or aggressively drive your mazda/probe?  If the answer is YES, then a stainless clutch line is for you.  The reason is that performance clutch pressure plate loads are greater than stock, thereby increasing line pressure in your hydraulic clutch line.  A stainless steel clutch line eliminates the "mushiness" in clutch pedal feel, just like stainless steel brake lines improve brake pedal feel.  The result is better control and better modulation of the clutch pedal = better traction!



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